EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerfull tool to get acces to the deeper layers of emotions that keeps challenging us to achieve what we desire.

In my EFT therapy I use tapping on different energy centres in the body – mostly on the hands. It is best described as an emotional acupuncture but without the needles. Working with EFT is a process made in order to create more balance and freedom in the energy and nerve system. We have 7 energy chakras and 12 meridians in the body that defines the energy system.

In an EFT session we focus and tune into a specific issue which we then start to work on. Often there is a link to different emotions and experiences which comes to the surface through a memory or a sensation in the body.

Stressed memories / negative experiences = causing deep emotions to arise.

  • FEAR
  • ENVY
  • LOVE

EFT Tapping and positive affirmations = changing deep emotions through understanding and creating a positive perspective or reframing about the negative experience or stressed memory.

The purpose of the EFT tapping process is to get into our restricting root of believes that keep us away from performing our best and making us able to perform our best or to feel love, joy and happiness.

In a safe and secure environment I use different postive affirmations to change the perceptions of this specific issue and thereby reframe the memory or experiences. It is always the clients own words I use to make these affirmations, which make the process even more powerfull.

By knowing yourself better and by developing gratefulness, patience and trust everything is possible.

Use my experience and guidance and feel free to contact me for further details.

Prices : All prices incl. moms

30 min: 375 DKK

60 min: 625 DKK

90 min: 900 DKK

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