Golf as a path in life

Former Junior World Champion and European Tour winner Mads Vibe-Hastrup takes you through a life in the name of golf.

Golf is the perfect sport to reflect upon the emotional challenges everybody encounters in life. In his own way Mads explains how he has used the sport to learn more about his values in life. Different topics about sport and emotions are being used – read more about the book Sport and Emotions here.

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Picture: Visit Denmark at the Olympic Games in 2016

Lecture: (30-90 min) Emotions affect you – if you realize it or not!

Not everybody knows about the 5 basic emotions and how they affect the joy professionally and/or the harmony in the family. In situations with high pressure it is not advisable not to acknowledge the emotions, and it can have serious consequences over a long period of time.

It is advisable to build a strong emotional balance as the foundation of being able to stay on top. Mads explains about his work with the emotions and how it is the same emotions he is facing both professionally and private. In reality it has been clear to Mads, that his emotional balance is one of his strongest resources in situations under pressure.

Question: What does it mean to experience emotional balance? Why is this important for companies and the society in general? How does the emotions come to the surface professionally and private? How do you create more resources through your emotions?

Keywords: Identity, motivation, personal leadership, handling up and downs, emotions, EGO, confidence, self-esteem, family life

Purpose: Emotional balance in the family, performance, creating resources


Lecture: (30-90 min) Invest in your company – create emotional balance

Mads Vibe-Hastrup has experienced a lot of success. He was a millionaire as a 20 year old, former junior world champion in golf and has beaten Rory McIlroy in the Madrid Open on the European Tour. Mads had a successful life in a happy family and had a clear picture of his identity. In 2009 he looses his Tour card and suddenly the winner stands alone and without a job. He chooses to invest in himself in a completely new way. He will learn to face the depth of his emotions and begins to discover a path towards a more true self. Which will end up in him starting all over with a comeback to the professional golf scene.

Question: How to create emotional balance in your professional life? What does it mean to experience emotional balance? Why is this important for companies and the society in general?

Keywords: Identity, motivation, personal leadership, emotions, EGO, confidence, self-esteem

Purpose: Emotional balance in companies, performance, creating resources