Personal ambition      

My ambition is to inspire people and to pass on the experiences of my life and my golf career in as many ways as possible.

The wish is to motivate people of all ages to use golf and sport as a personal way to realize yourself.

Career summary

I discovered my TALENT – I won the Doug Sanders World Boys Championship in 1996.

I won my FIRST tournament on the European Tour at the 2007 Open de Madrid Valle Romano, beating Rory Mcilroy in the final group. I was so PROUD to make a unrealistic dream come through, but after a short period of time I could feel the pressure of my surroundings and my inner fear of not being good enough made it’s impact.

With my victory came many personal difficulties and I was unable to maintain my full card in 2009. As a consequence I had to return to the Challenge Tour in 2010 and 2011 where I tried my best to get the playing privileges to the European Tour – but I did not succeed to get my card back. After playing a few tournaments on the Ecco Tour in 2012 I could not find my motivation to keep playing professionally.

In 2012 I descided to create a different joy to my life and I wanted start teaching my way of understanding and playing golf to other people. It was a great experience to start something new and I loved the interaction with different people. This was exactly what I needed and the joy of golf and life found a new way of expression.

After 4 years of just playing golf for fun (when I had the time), but also working with myself and my emotions, I decided to take up professional golf again. I wanted to face my bad memories and my deepest fear of failure. I wanted to experience the ups and downs of golf again and how my new approach to life could change my experience.

After the book Sport & Emotions was published in July 2016, I had a deep desire to realize myself again, and choosing to compete in professional golf tournaments made this possible. I am grateful that I had the courage to listen to my inner voice, step forward and do something about my deepest desire.

Moreover I wanted to create the possibility to feel and experience how my perception of life have changed over the years. How the personal and emotional inner work has changed my life to a deeper emotional balance.

This is an ongoing experience where it is about creating joy and freedom in my life to myself and others – and not only about achieving great results on the golf course.




Born in Helsingør 1978

Daughter Maya 8 years old

Golf since 1989

Junior World Champion 1996

Tour professional 1999-2011

Challenge Tour Victory 2002

European Tour Victory 2007

Golf Instructor 2011

Yoga Instructor 2015

Event Management and author of the book Sport & Emotions 2016

Comeback Tour Professional 2016-2017-2018

Career highlights   


13.    – 2018        Holstebro (Ecco Tour)

4.      – 2017        Kellers Park Masters (Ecco Tour)

3.      – 2017        Marbella Golf Resort (Gecko Tour)

1.      – 2007        Open De Madrid Valle Romano (ET)

2.      – 2007        The Celtic Manor Wales Open (ET)

4.      – 2007        Madeira Island Open (ET)

4.      – 2006        OKI Mahou Challenge de Espana (CT)

3.      – 2006        MAN NO Open (CT)                                                                                          

4.      – 2003        Canarias Open de Espana (ET)

1.      – 2001        San Paolo Vita & Asset Management Open  (CT)

2.      – 2001        Volvo Finnish Open (CT)

5.      – 2001        DEXIA Luxembourg Open (CT)

1.      – 1996        Doug Sanders World Boys Championship (Amateur)