Partnership and work references for Mads Vibe-Hastrup

”It was an inspiring evening in Helsingør Golf Club, when Mads Vibe-Hastrup gave us room for a lot of thought reflection. In one and a half hour, he presented himself as open, clear and truthful with plenty of insights to how he has managed to work goal orientated with himself and his emotions in order to handle his life. As a professional golfer – a husband and father – he has been forced to face many challenges, and it is obvious that his commitment to personal development, has made him become an honest balanced human being, who now has the courage to share his experiences with other people.

It was interesting to hear about the emotions and to which degree our thoughts and emotions controls, not only our performance in sports, but also our close and intimate relations in our private life. And also how the two things, the private life and the professional life – is two sides of the same coin, if you wish to act with integrity.

Mads is a professional golfer and is by cause of nature extremely good to use examples from golf, but his lectures and speeches is universal and can without a doubt have great value to everybody who wishes to reach personal and professional goals, and who has a desire to develop – and maintain – a life in harmony and balance. Most importantly it will be without loosing yourself on the path – or the respect of others.”

Helle Krog, Representative for Helsingør Golf Club